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Who Are We ?

Jems Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 169-591)  founded in 2011 by Shailen & Mel Singh with a mandate to transform society one life at a time. Jems Foundation focuses primarily on community development, youth development, educational development & fighting against societal injustice and inequalities. Since its inception in 2011 Jems has launched various programmes, including a fully functional counselling centre run by professional counsellors & psychologists, An Early Childhood Development facility (ECD) that takes in 25 non-paying students annually from nearby informal settlements & a fully fledged drug and substance abuse rehabilitation facility. Jems also conducts counselling in over thirteen schools across the durban south-basin and has counselled over a thousand learners since its inception. Educational development is a fundamental aspect of our organisation, we have run several training programmes including, No Apologies, FFF, Anti-Drug programmes & ready to work programmes together with various stakeholders including SAPS, DOSD, Focus on the Family & ABSA.

  • Counselling Centre

  • Early Childhood Development Centre

  • Drug & Substance Rehabilitation Facility

  • Community Development Projects

  • Youth Development Projects

  • Skills Development Projects

  • Educational Development Projects

Our Partners


Transform society one life at a time.


To become one of South Africa’s leading Non-Profit organisations expanding our reach & impact to a national level.


To be a voice in community by collaborating with various agencies and organizations that will facilitate the ethos and spirit of Ubuntu locally and nationally.

Directors (Executive)

Shailen Singh is the Founder & Chairmen of Jems Foundation. He is married to Melina Singh & has 2 children. He has a passion for community development with a large focus on succession. He has a Masters Degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Social & Religious advocacy where he conducted his thesis on the amendment to the Sexual Offences Act of 2007. He has also completed his BA Honors, Cum Laude in 1999 from the University of KwaZulu-Natal & has completed his diploma in Divinity in the year 1995. Shailen previously trained the No Apologies programme nationally for Focus on the Family Africa where he later became Programmes Manager until 2011. Since 2011 he continues to lead Jems with a clear strategic vision ensuring all programmes are executed with the highest standard of excellence.
Vanishree Pillay serves as the manager of Jems Foundation. She has a passion for counselling & community development. Vanishree has served under Jems Foundation since our inception in 2011, she has progressed from an intern counsellor to now holding an executive management position in our organisation. Vanishree has vast experience in counselling & various community development projects. She has various certifications in counselling & is a member of the Board of Addiction Professionals South Africa (BAPSA). She is in her final year of completing her BA Psychology through the University of South Africa. Vanishree is responsible for executing the operational aspect of our organisation.