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Project Description

Community Development

At Jems Foundation our core mandate is to transform communities, for it is transformed communities that bring about change in cities & nations. We have run various programmes & campaigns ranging from a wide variety of social issues.

Take Back Your Future Campaign 

  • March against Rape
  • March against Speeding
  • Beach Clean-up
  • 16 days of Activism

We have collaborated with schools in the region and provided Leadership training for Prefects and RCL’S in the schools. Some of the topics covered were leadership skills, conflict management, nutritional wellness and environmental etiquette.

JEMS Foundation has also host the ABSA Ready to Work Program in October 2017. Which has trained over 40 people in entrepreneurial skills and financial skills.

Mrs. Tanya Fewster has founded a Cancer Awareness Program together with JEMS Foundation. We have accomplished successful programmes, fund raisers, hospice visits and counselling with patients and families. We have committed staff who assist Khanya Hopice on a weekly basis.

JEMS Foundation hosted an empowerment event for abused and vulnerable women in Isipingo. The event was attended by over 100 women.

Mr. Shailen Singh has worked closely with Focus on the Family and has imparted this knowledge to the community by offering various skills to the community such as;

  • The No Apologies program which has been facilitated in 13 schools in Isipingo.
  • Parenting with Assurance workshops held on an annual basics at our community centre.
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